Advantages and Basics of Zipper Bags

October 11,2022

Now the zipper bag is more and more widely used. It is a soft packaging bag with horizontal support at the bottom, which can stand on its own without any support. Now it is favored by the majority of users.


The main advantage of a zipper bag is to increase the display effect of the shelf. It is convenient for users to use. It is a relatively new modern packaging form. It has great advantages in improving the product grade and video effect. It is a very ideal packaging product.


zipper bag 6.jpg


Zipper bags have a wide range of applications, such as beverage packaging, condiment packaging, tea packaging, dry goods series packaging, leisure packaging, etc. The new packaging form of self-supporting bags will be used. Not only food products but also some washing products, daily cosmetics, and medical products are also widely used.


The composition of zipper bag is made of a variety of substrates. The bottom of the zipper bag has a supporting structure design, which can achieve the effect of standing on its own. This is a relatively new product form for the previous packaging market, which is suitable for a variety of printing methods, and improves the quality of the product's outer packaging.


The zipper bag also has a good sealing property, and the fresh-keeping effect is also very good. It is practical in terms of barrier property. With more and more applications, it has more high-quality features, which makes it's market development better and better.


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