Different Materials of Gift Wrapping Paper

November 03,2022

Packaging paper is an indispensable main material for packaging. As long as a piece of good wrapping paper is in hand, even if there are no other materials, you can complete beautiful packaging. Packaging paper is divided into plastic, paper, yarn, and hemp according to other textures. It should be selected according to the recipient's preference, and then according to the size, material, and atmosphere of the present.




Plastic wrapping paper


Because of its good moistureproof property and the most affordable price ratio, it is suitable for all kinds of packaging, thus becoming one of the most commonly used packaging papers. It is the first choice for exposed gift packaging such as flower bouquets, potted plants, and fruit baskets. It can be subdivided into surface printing, floating printing, semi-transparent printing, colorless transparent, and other varieties.


Yarn wrapping paper


Because of its lightness, transparency, and elegant color, the gift adds a hazy beauty, which is used as a backing paper to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the gift. It can also be subdivided into snowflake nets, plastic nets, etc.


Hemp wrapping paper


It is a new type of wrapping paper. Its texture can be hard to soft, and its plasticity is very high. It is very suitable for packaging irregular gifts and can bring unexpected effects to gifts.


Paper wrapping paper


Because of its natural texture and soft texture, the gift presents a noble and elegant atmosphere and is loved by people. It is suitable for all kinds of packaging. It is the best choice for box gift packaging. It can also be subdivided into printing paper, dyed paper, Yunlong paper, Yunsi paper, lotus paper, etc.