Features and Uses of Drawstring Bags of Different Materials

September 20,2022

As long as it is a soft fabric, it can be made into the form of a drawstring bag. The common ones are made of cotton, canvas, polyester, etc.


Let's discuss the characteristics and general uses of drawstring bags of different materials!


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Features and uses of drawstring bag of different materials


The small drawstring storage bag of flannel has the characteristics of soft, thick, delicate and high gloss. It is often used to hold jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces, Buddhist beads, and jade.


Jute drawstring bags are often used as wine bags. The natural retro linen material and the red wine from nature achieve each other, like a pair of natural partners. The red wine burlap bag with the drawstring mouth is one of the most stylish and retro wine packagings on the market.


Polyester drawstring bags are the most versatile. Polyester drawstring bags can be divided into two categories according to size. Small polyester drawstring bags are important packaging accessories for clothing accessories, watches, wallets and other industries. It is often used to place in the box to prevent dust and increase brand influence.


The slightly larger size polyester drawstring bag is an important accessory for sports and underwear brands. Polyester is often used as a bag because of its easy washing, quick drying, wrinkle resistance, and good resilience. The drawstring closure has a simple and lively design that prevents items from being lost.


And cotton, canvas, linen, non-woven drawstring bags have been widely used in all walks of life, including underwear packaging, cosmetic packaging, gift packaging, etc. The drawstring bags of these materials can be used repeatedly and are good companions for storage and travel in daily life. Therefore, they are deeply loved by consumers.


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