Manufacturing Technology and Method of PVC Zipper Bags

May 16,2022

PVC zipper bag material is flexible, moisture-proof, and waterproof. It is suitable for study, life, home, and travel. Zipper bag is a commonly used packaging product in daily life, which is common in study, office, travel, and home. Do you know the manufacturing process and method of PVC zipper bags?


pvc zipper bag


Manufacturing technology of PVC zipper bag


  1. Set the pattern and make the zipper copper mold.


  1. Cut the material, calculate the size, and cut the material into the style of a zipper bag. If you want silk screen printing here, set the position of the material and silk screen printing.


  1. String zippers. You buy one zipper and one zipper head. Here you need two layers and then string the zipper head.


  1. Press the zipper and PVC material into a plastic bag. In this step, it is necessary to control the pressure of the electric press and the cutting distance. The zipper bag edge should be smooth and smooth without burrs.


PVC zipper bag is a kind of plastic bag. Its main component is PVC, which is bright-colored, corrosion-resistant, firm, and durable. Because some toxic auxiliary materials such as plasticizers and anti-aging agents are added in the manufacturing process to enhance their heat resistance, toughness and ductility, its products generally do not store food and drugs. It is a kind of synthetic material that is deeply loved, popular, and widely used in the world.


Manufacturing method and precautions of PVC zipper bag


PVC zipper bag is also a kind of plastic bag. It has two materials: low toxicity and environmental protection. It is processed with PVC film. Zipper bags are generally divided into two types, flat bags, and three-dimensional bags. Today, we mainly introduce the manufacturing method of flat bags.


PVC zipper bag shall be prepared with copper mold, zipper, PVC roll film, and PVC zipper bag with high-frequency voltage:


First of all, the materials need to be cut. First, cut the PVC roll film into pieces. If printing is needed, silk screen printing shall be done first. The silkscreen printing shall be aligned with the position, otherwise, the printing may be skewed when voltage is applied!


Then there is the need for voltage. Put on the zipper, turn it to the copper mold, adjust the mold, and the temperature should be appropriate to turn it into a finished product. The production speed of flat pockets is generally very fast, and now there is an automatic high cycle voltage machine, which makes the pressing speed faster. During the pressing process of the zipper bag, pay attention to the width of the side pressing, and do not press too deep, otherwise, there will be burrs.


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