What Materials Are the Drawstring Pockets Made of?

September 03,2022

Drawstring pockets are widely used in daily life. Because it is small and light and easy to carry, so it is often used as a storage must-have.


Because the material of the drawstring bag is durable, the drawstring bag is also considered a kind of environmental protection bag. So, what are the material classifications of drawstring bags?


Drawstring pockets


What materials are the drawstring pockets made of?


✅Non-woven drawstring bag


Non-woven fabrics have the advantages of light weight, moisture resistance, flexibility and low price. Drawstring bags made of non-woven fabrics usually have rich colors, which can attract consumers' attention and play a good advertising effect.


✅Cotton drawstring bag


Cotton is the most common fabric we see in our daily life. It features a cotton drawstring bag that is soft to the touch and has good moisture absorption and breathability. At the same time, it can play a very good dustproof effect.


✅PU drawstring bag


The drawstring bag made of PU has a unique texture, it has a beautiful appearance, and is resistant to wear and dirt, dust and moisture.


✅Polyester drawstring bag


Polyester is light, strong and durable, not easily deformed. The drawstring bag made of polyester material is inexpensive, easy to wash and dry, and has good resilience. Polyester drawstring bags are usually matched with screen printing technology, which has a strong three-dimensional effect and is not easy to fade.


✅Flannel drawstring bag


Flannel is soft to the touch and thicker than normal fabrics. Therefore, flannel drawstring bags are more used as packaging for jewelry, accessories and other products.




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