Wrinkle Treatment of PVC Zipper Bag

May 16,2022

PVC zipper bags can be used as clothing packaging bags, hardware packaging bags, etc. compared with other packaging bags, it has the advantages of convenient and fast access and continuous use, but its production process is also stricter than ordinary PVC packaging bags. For example, sometimes PVC zipper bags have wrinkles, so what should be done to deal with the wrinkles of PVC zipper bags?


PVC zipper bag


Classification of PVC zipper bags


  1. Ordinary zipper bag


Ordinary zipper bags are generally large in shape and made of woven bags and transparent PE or OPP plastic films. Zippers are ordinary plastic zippers, which are generally used to package large commodities, such as the outer packaging of quilts, large simple luggage bags, etc.


  1. File zipper bag


The file zipper bag can hold more documents, pens, and small items. The unique cold-resistant PVC double-layer material is selected, which has good flexibility. Moisture-proof and waterproof, suitable for study, life, home, and travel.


  1. Invisible zipper bag


An invisible zipper bag is also called a bony zipper bag. The invisible zipper bag is generally a composite flexible package, which is composed of polypropylene OPP, polyester PET, nylon, matte film, aluminum foil, cast polypropylene, polyethylene, kraft paper, and even woven bags (generally 2-4 layers).


Wrinkle treatment of PVC zipper bag


There are two common problems with PVC zipper bags: one is a part of the layer or surface wrinkle on both sides of the zipper, and the other is the surface wrinkle at the seal between the zipper and the bag body.


Wrinkles on both sides of the Waterproof PVC zipper bag are closely related to the selection of zipper lock. When purchasing the zipper, we must pay attention that its melting point and shrinkage rate should be lower than or equal to the melting point and shrinkage rate of the composite film heat sealing layer, to prevent the wrinkles caused by the serious mismatch between the melting point and shrinkage rate.


The cooling water specification is an important factor in the packaging bag manufacturing process. If the deformation locking can get rich cooling water before the packaging bag production and manufacturing, the probability of heat shrinkable film caused by storage specification will be greatly reduced.


If the heat sealing layer and zipper in the composite film bag manufactured for the packaging bag are still in the molten or viscoelastic state, the heat sealing layer and zipper will produce a certain degree of heat shrinkable film under the storage specification, resulting in surface wrinkling. Therefore, the working temperature of the cooling water of the blow molding machine has become an important factor affecting the appearance quality of the waterproof PVC zipper bag.


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