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Tissue paper(Wrapping paper)

The normal wrapping paper divide into Tissue paper,Cotton paper,Type paper,Glazed paper,and Grease-proof paper.Normally we can choose different material according to purpose.Such as tissue paper is widely used in all kinkds of garments,shoes,scarft,wine packing etc.   

The wrapping paper can add the mystery and keep the items from dirty in some way.Eco-friendly,recycled,customized logo and color makes the tissue paper popular with people.The advanced import printing machine with high output and short delivery.

Copying Tissue Paper 

high physical strength,excellent uniformity and transparency,and good surface properties,printability,delicate smooth,flat,no bubbles,easy print.Common thickness:17gsm 

Stencil Tissue Paper 

The raw material of stencil Tissue Paper comes from paper mulberry. It is similar to copying paper. 

A lit of rough compared with copying paper. 

Typing Paper 

Thin paper for typing,copy,documents,vouchers and forms. 

There are white and a variety of colors.Clead and smooth,with water resistance,can be used for pen writing.Common thickness:27gsm,35gsm Glazed Paper 

The paper is coated with waxy in one side and then rubbed with flint to form from a sheen paper. 

With high gloss.Good appearance performance(no holes,no spots,no big dust). 

Higher tensile strength and tear strength.Common thickness:24gsm,31gsm

Printing Process

1.Luxuriant gold make the white paper unusual,availabel thickness:14g,17g,20g,28g etc.Common size:50*70cm

2.Hot stamped silver,modest luxury. customized your own logo.

3.Classical but elegant,simple and pure.   You're worth it.

4.Rich and lovely colors always bring you beautiful mood.Why choose it?

5.My brand i call the shots---customized background and logo,specialize for my brand. 

Widely used in all kinds of garments,shoes,scarf,wine,fruit packing etc.


Please advise us the material, size, color, quantity of your leather labels when you make an enquiry. It will be better if you can send us design of it, then we can give you a specific quotation.

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